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Image of Book Cover titled, "BragOutLoud: the simple solution to finding more joy"
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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Shannon Townsend

In Shannon Townsend’s debut book, #BragOutLoud: the simple solution to finding more joy, she tackles the social taboo of bragging. While working as a nationally certified sign language interpreter, she found herself sick and desperately needing a career change. When the same thing started to happen again in her next dream career as an Executive Coach, she realized the problem might have more to do with how she was dealing with the demands of a “busy” obsessed culture and a distinct lack of time to acknowledge all the tiny things that make up the day. While living in Northern Colorado with her husband, Joe, and two cats, Darkrawr and Valeera, she began the arduous task of starting a not-so-secret cultural revolution. Armed with enough gumption to fail, she invited an ever-growing community to change the world with her, in as little as 90 seconds a day. Now she travels, speaking about the astounding power of #BragOutLoud, celebrating, and the radical shift that the world is craving. You can learn more about her work, the movement, and her next speaking engagement at www.BragOutLoudBook.com

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